Month: November 2004

  • What a gas

    Two hydrogen atoms were talking, and one said “I just lost an electron!”. The second replied “Are you positive?” 🙂

  • MAPS

    On Saturday Jodie (my lovely better half) and I attended the annual awards dinner for the Mcmaster Association of Parttime Students (MAPS)… Jodie won a scholarship for having one of the top 5 running averages of the 2400 or so students. That’s not the top 5%, but the top 5, as in 1,2,3,4,5! Congratulations Jodie!

  • For the want of a pipe

    We’ve been fighting a bug for the past few weeks, one of the worst kinds. Not a viral physical kind, but a cybernetic kind. It’s intermittent, and only pops up in something like 0.01% of the time. Turns out (the brilliant programmer I’m working with found it, not me) that in the 11,000 or so…

  • Picture of the week

    I’m going to start posting the picture of the week, for two reasons. One is so I’ll be forced to keep up with sorting my digital pictures, and the second is to keep posting. I’ll also post any pictures you may want to submit, but I reserve the right to deny them. The album is…

  • Firefox

    In case you’ve been living in a vacuum the past few days, Mozilla released the latest version of their web browser, Firefox v1.0. It’s available at, and it’s only 4.7Mb… attainable even if you’re on the poor end of a 56K modem. Download it now!

  • Hair

    I found my first grey hair last night. I’m not even 30 yet. Bah. I’ve warned my lovely folicles that if the trend continues, they’ll all be shaved off. I don’t think my wife would be too happy about that though. So how does one spell ‘grey hair’. Is it gray hair or grey hair?…

  • Ottawa

    I visitted Ottawa to see whether or not the pictures spoke truly of my newest nephew. Alas, the pictures lied. He’s far cuter in real life. He’ll stare at you for as long as you’re willing to hold him, and he like me so much he fell asleep on my shoulder. What an awesome little…