Month: November 2005

  • Christmas lights extrodinaire

    Now this guy (WMV file) has way, way too much time (and money) on his hands. I bet he drives his neighbours crazy.

  • Ottawa trip

    Last weekend found us in Ottawa, visiting my brother Brian and his lovely wife Alanna. Their little guy Lucas was a bit shy at first, and was completely stunned by the amount of noise our three kids could make. Then to top it off, he couldn’t even sleep in his own bed, which his parents…

  • Like a cat in a tree

    Remember the stories about the fire department rescuing cats in trees? This gentlemen had to be rescued after getting stuck 40 feet up the mast of his sailboat.

  • googlebar in Firefox 1.5 RC1

    After having declared my undying love for the Googlebar in Firefox, I upgraded to Firefox 1.5 RC1 (released yesterday) and found that the googlebar doesn’t work. After some quick reading I found an enterprising fellow who figured out how to hack it. So here’s the instructions in more detail: Download the google toolbar XPI file…

  • my blog is worth how much?

    According to this site, my blog is worth $25,968.84!!! So, it’s hereby for-sale for exactly that amount. Reasonable offers will be considered. Any takers? My blog is worth $25,968.84.How much is your blog worth?