Month: May 2006

  • 2:03:01

    Yesterday I ran as part of a relay team in the Sulphur Springs Trail race put on by the Burlington Runner’s club. The relay team ran a total of 100 miles (160km), or 8 laps of a 20km loop. I completed one of those loops with a time of 2:03:01. I had hoped to finish…

  • Google Web Toolkit

    I’ve been playing with Google Web Toolkit for the past few days, what an incredible piece of software! Anyone who’s done any web development knows how many pieces of technology are involved in making a reasonably attractive web site. This toolkit takes the whole thing to the next level. Rather than worrying about HTML, CSS,…

  • Comment spam… argh!

    I’ve had about enough of comment spam. Aside from handling 50-100 spam at work, another 5-10 on my personal account, now I also have to deal with an onslaught of comment spam in my blog. Setting up filters wasn’t enough, there was still too much getting through. Not like I get a lot of hits…

  • project graduation

    My first open source project has graduated from the incubation stage to full project status today! Read all about it here. The project exists primarily to support the code for an article I wrote a while back, integrating CruiseControl with WebLogic’s compilers.

  • mad daemons?

    Caught this in a startup log on one of my HPUX systems: Starting ISEE hpservices mad daemon. ………………………….. OK Should I be worried?