Month: June 2007

  • Google Maps and changing the route

    Yesterday I drove to Mississauga, and used Google Maps to give me an initial idea of where I was going. I was annoyed because it took me over the 407, a very expensive toll road. Unfortunately there was no way to change the route, so I made one up on my own and used BlackBerry…

  • Control-V for BlackBerry

    I finally figured out how to do the equivalent of a “CTRL-V” or Paste on a BlackBerry: hold down the Alt or Num key and click the trackball. Sounds really simple, but it took forever to find it.

  • Rosie

    Meet the latest member of our family. She’s a Cockapoo, a mix between a Cocker Spaniel and a smaller Poodle. She’ll (hopefully) have the brains of a poodle and the temperament of a Cocker Spaniel, but that remains to be seen. “Rosie” is about 7 weeks old, and well on her way to being house…