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Stop-action Lego Movie

Noah decided today he needed to make a stop-action lego movie. He pulled out our camera and took over 300 pictures, to make the movie below. Some quick iMovie action, and presto! you have the movie, available below or here.

My Opa, Jan van der Meer, created a few movies this way, but the old-fashioned way, with a 35mm camera. How he got the pictures from single shots to 8mm video is unknown, although my Mom claims it involved a lot of tape. Noah chose to copy some of his style, look for the blocks helping each other up to create the wall.

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  1. mom says

    Mike, Opa Jan did not use a 35 mm camera. Here is what my brother Henk wrote in response:
    Opa Jan had a 8 mm movie camera that could take single pictures.
    If I remember well the 8 mm film used 8 pictures per second to get he movie.
    It is similar to what Noah has done!
    Nice show

  2. Gert de Wit says

    Hi Mike,

    Nice to see that a young guy inherited? some off the talents of his grand-grand father.
    Great, you cab be proud of this/them


  3. Becky says

    Great job Noah!

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