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Everything’s an opportunity for Advertising. Not my quote, but a colleagues’ quote after walking by some guy sitting in a lawn chair on a tiny piece of artificial turf on the corner of Yonge and Bloor in downtown Toronto. Looks like he was hawking Mike’s Hard Lemonade. Earlier in the day we walked through Union Station, greeted by large numbers of rather attractive young ladies protesting something. Turns out they were advertising the new Gillette MPower shaver… and were protesting scruff. A few days earlier a few other attractive young people were driving Segway’s around, handing out post-it notes, advertising’s $50K sweepstakes. Nothing is sacred. Floors, walls, ceilings, train cars, sidewalks, and the like are all targets for ads. Let me out!

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  1. Jay G Hart says

    let me in… let me in.
    Advertising is the greatest way for an artist to speak. An incredible way for a christian artist to get their story heard!

  2. eupator says

    mike i have to agree with you. the incredible bombardment of our minds by the completely secular and perverted mediums of our time is a another example of the great downfall of man. granted we can use advertising as a way to tell the wonderful story, but will anyone pay attention to a message that is broadcasted on the same medium as the world’s smut?

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