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April showers? Ya right!

Between Saturday morning and Sunday evening we were dumped with 30cm (12 inches) of snow. Not showers, but cold, slushy, wet snow. It was so wet that if you touched it with a shovel in a desperate attempt to dig out your car, it turned to slush and instantly doubled in weight. The worst part is that those lucky souls living below the Hamilton escarpment, about 100 metres (300 feet) below us, got nary a flake.

I’ve posted some pictures here for those unbelievers out there who got away without winter’s last thrashing. Notice the fort we built using recycling bins as moulds to build the walls.

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  1. Jocelin says

    No snow 100 m below, but… pouring rain and tons of water in a very short period of time!!! There’s not much you can do with rain, but lots of cool stuff to do with snow – including your very neat snow fort. Isn’t that worth it? Count yourself lucky you had snow, not the rain… my room was flooded and I’m am currently homeless and wandering, living out of a car, several bags of stuff, and chaos… while I try to study for my exams and keep some sort of sanity between running around from houses to doctors to professors. I’m thinking a foot of snow is much nicer! Oh, and everything is chronically lost right now, because in the flurry of activity that occured over the weekend my entire room was dragged, thrown, and lugged into my livingroom, which currently looks like a hurricane just ran through it.

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