A few miscellaneous updates

Due to the harts.name expiring without warning, this blog was moved from harts.name to gybe.ca. Why gybe? First off, it was available. Second, it’s a sailing term (also spelled jibe) for turning through the wind, which fits my current fascination with boats. Third, it was available.

Because the domain expiry coincided with the birth of my fourth child, my venue for announcing it was gone, so here it is. On April 15th my daughter Abriel Josie was born, weighing in at 7 pounds 11 ounces. She is now four weeks old, and all is well. Pictures are available here.

My colleagues at RIM organized a gift basket, and the last few pictures there are the results of that gift. This one is my favourite.

Abriel Josie in the latest BlackBerry accessory

I hope to post a few more times than once a month to this new blog.

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