birds of a feather

I always thought that gawking at accident scenes was primarly a human trait, but I have been proven wrong. We have a bird house attached to the back fence, which a pair of sparrows have used to raise two sets of young ones this spring. The second batch is flying, but still sleep in the bird house. Early this week we woke up to find the bird house hanging at a very awkward angle, and the sparrows flitting all over. I’m guessing either an animal or bird of prey wanted a midnight snack and got more than it bargained for. In any case the four sparrows were intact. The weird part came an hour later… when fifty sparrows lined up on the fence, gawking at the bird house! They took turns landing on it and flying under it, making a large racket… exactly like a crowd of neighbours would do if a house were on fire, or around a car wreck. Very weird.

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