Building a canoe

A long time ago I decided I would someday build a canoe. That day has come. I decided to build a 17′ Nomad, which is really a typical a 17′ version of the very popular 16′ Prospector. The plans and kit came from Bear Mountain Boats, based nearby in Peterborough. Ron Frenette, of Canadian Canoes, is associated to Bear Mountain Boats, and graciously offered to lend (and deliver!) me his strongback (the red part in the upcoming pictures) and deliver the kit. I can’t say enough about how eager Bear Mountain Boats and Ron are to help out their customers.

The target launching date for this boat is the beginning of September, when we have a Dad & Kid’s canoe trip planned. Whether I’ll make it is yet to be seen, but things are so far going well.

I have an image gallery setup over here that I will update, here follow a few samples for your viewing pleasure.

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