Tuesday June 15 saw another successful rendition of the Campfire! Golf tournament. It’s held at the Guelph Lakes golf course. We had 144 golfers, and the weather was excellent. We raised almost $21,000 for campfire! Apart from a wounded bird (killed in midflight by an errant golf ball), a bruised Canada goose (stopped a 150 yard shot), a very scared turtle (don’t ask) and lots of sunburned golfers, everyone had a great time. It’s awesome seeing everyone come out to support such a great cause.

The faithful reader may note that this scribbler is not a golfer. I play very consistently… consistently bad. I was not the one who took out the bird or the goose, but I donated more than my share of balls to forests, lakes and swamps. But as they say, a bad day on the course is better than a good day at the office.

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