Only seven more days until my canoe trip. I’m taking Noah (4 years old) for his first canoe trip, to Massasauga Provincial park, just south of Parry Sound. We’re going with Noah’s Uncle Ben, who’s a large strapping young lad, just itching to carry the canoe, packs, and Noah all at the same time. Noah’s quite excited, he’s already packing his bag with all of his stuffed animals. I haven’t the heart to tell him yet that’s it’s still a week away, and that he can only take one animal along. The park’s got quite enough animals as it is, and space becomes an issue with three people in a canoe.

We’re going to Spider Lake, site 7 (unlike Algonquin, you can reserve by site #), which is about a 2km paddle, a 368 meter portage (go Ben go!) and another 2km paddle. Just right for taking a kid along, not too far, but far enough to get away from the cottages, roads, cars, and other such nonsense. I can’t wait.

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