As you’ve probably read by now, Belinda Stronach, a Conservative MP (Canadian politician) has defected to the Liberal party. The budget vote on Thursday needed the support of all three independent MP’s for the Liberals to hold together a minority government, now that’s down to two.

I’m completely against the legality of this move. Ms. Stronach was elected by the people to represent them as a Conservative. She should not be allowed to defect to a different party. Suddenly she’s not representing her riding anymore, and should be forced to resign. Unfortunately the laws allow this ridiculous posturing. Bitter that she couldn’t beat Stephen Harper to become leader of the Conservatives, she now bails ship to joing the enemy.

The irony here is that Ms. Stronach’s new position puts her “in charge of implementing clean-government measures after the sponsorship inquiry reports“. The liberals have shown repeatedly that they will do anything to keep their feeble hold on power. And now we expect that a defector, who so obviously was lured to the dark side to win the budget vote, is now to work on clean-government measures?