Seven days and counting until Canada’s national election. Canadians are notoriously apathetic when it comes to elections, with something like 40% voter turnout. Mind you, that’s higher than our friends down south, but it’s rather poor, especially when there’s so much uproar about the current government.

The issue of voter privacy is a very interesting one. The Canadian election system is setup in such a way that privacy is guaranteed. Noone is entitled to know how I vote, and once I’ve cast my ballot, my ballot is completely anonymous. At the same time, polite conversation rules dictate that politics should never be discussed in polite company. In some situations discussing politics could start a small war, and it’s best avoided.

Here lies the problem: all candidates want their name out there, and want signs on every voter’s front lawn. But voter’s want their privacy protected. I feel strongly that the conservative candidate in my riding is by far the better choice. David Sweet was once the CEO of the Canadian division of Promise Keepers, among other things. His moral beliefs mirror mine closer than that of the other candidates. I want David Sweet as my representative in Parliament.

So on Saturday I posted a sign. I felt like a criminal, like I’d violated the rules of normal electoral behaviour. I expected eggs on my car in the morning, and rotten tomatoes flying at me while I’m outside. My neighbour, although I can only understand half of what he says, made it quite clear that we’re now enemies. I feel as though I’ve betrayed my apathetic Canadian fellows by picking a side… and not only picking, but publicly displaying my opinion. I’m sure the politically incorrect electoral police will be knocking soon.

Did I mention I’m also the only house on the street with a Canadian flag?

Vote on June 28!

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