FIFA Soccer Improvements

Now that the World Cup 2006 is over and the best team failed to win (“Hup Holland Hup!”) we have some suggestions to FIFA on how to improve the game. Namely:

  1. Two referees on the field. One simply isn’t enough.
  2. Stop the clock on injuries. None of this adding time stuff. Every other major league sport does this.
  3. If a penalty occurs in the box, resulting in a penalty kick, the referees have the option of going to video replay to check their calls, and have the option to change their mind. So many games, including the final between Italy and France and the game the Netherlands lost against Portugal, are decided by one goal: that goal being scored during a penalty kick handed out on a questionable call.
  4. As for injuries: a player gets a limited time (15/20/30 seconds?) to roll around on the ground. If they don’t get up after the short time, they MUST substitute. In that case they will be allowed to substitute back on after having sat off for more than 15 minutes. Enough of this diving stuff. Soccer is a very physical game, but if a CFL or NFL football player tried that they’d be laughed off the field.

Just a few of our thoughts. Only two years until the Euro Cup 2008!

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