forgotten passwords

I haven’t written in a long time because a) work was absolutely nuts for the past three weeks and b) I was sick and c) I used the Firefox password manager and d) I moved to a Mac Mini and the passwords didn’t migrate and e) the password for my own blog was in the Firefox password manager and not in my head.

So… after hacking into my own website I’m finally back. No, I’m not worried about anyone else hacking into the website, since they’d first have to learn the username/password that owns the entire site, and then hack into the blog software to do what… post on my blog? We’re not talking state secrets here.

In other news, I’m writing this to you from the keyboard of a very slick Mac Mini. The are indeed slick… the mini only a bit larger than 5 CD cases stacked, and it makes absolutely no noise. I also splurged for the Mighty Mouse, which is a four button mouse that doesn’t have any buttons. The trackball is tiny, but works really well, and the buttons that don’t exist are very cool. The entire mouse clicks down on the base, and it works far better than you’d believe.

As for a few comments about kids learning computers… Noah had this thing figured out almost before I did. Within 12 hours of the first boot, most of the icons had dissappeared off the dock (Look Daddy, you just drag them up here and they go away), and Noah knew how to make windows go away by “X’ing them away”. Kudos to the Mac engineers, this five year old knows instinctively how to work it, which is much more than I can say about the old Windows system he (and I) used to get frustrated at.

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