fun at work

Yes you too can have fun at work. Recipe for fun is:


  • 1 beatup old car, the more beatup the better.
  • 2 scruffy guys with hoodies
  • 7 police cruisers loaded with policemen
  • 2 undercover police cars with appropriately dressed policemen. The more they look like the scruffy guys the better.
  • 1 building with a few hundred people in it.

Have one cruiser pull over car in front of building. Have other 6 cruisers pull up behind, blocking all four lanes, and preferably at least one on the sidewalk. Mix undercover cars among the cruisers. At least one person on each floor of the building should at this point shout “Look out the window!”. All policemen should draw their guns and hide behind their car doors. (That’s 9 guns at this point). Pull scruffy guys out of their car one-by-one and make them walk backwards to the cruisers. Mix police supervisor into the mess and stir thoroughly.

We’re surprised the building didn’t tip over with the weight of all the people gawking out the window, yours truly being one of them.

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