It’s been a while

It’s been a while since my last post, so here’s a quick update.

The main reason I didn’t write is because of a tiny canoe trip I took last week. Planning started on Tuesday… Noah, Ben and I left on Thursday morning, and returned Friday night. It was the best we could do with such short notice, but the weather was awesome. We went back to Massassauga park, and swam the whole time we were there. Pictures are available here.

In passing (or: almost there and back again)
A close friend of mine became deathly ill last week. My friend has always been close to me, and I cannot imagine life without him. He’s always reminding me of appointments, keeping my life in order, and generally keeping order where otherwise would reign chaos. Thankfully my Palm Vx PDA seems to have recovered from his short term energy loss, and life is back to normal.

There’s lots more. I golfed last week with my brother, and actually did well. I went fishing today in Lake Ontario on a charter, and in spite of all the costly gadgets on the yacht (we concluded that a 51 foot fishing boat is a yacht) we didn’t get even a nibble. My parents have become empty nesters (finally!). Apart from those rotten fish that don’t bite anytime I get close to a rod (Rock Lake in Algonquin, Spider Lake in Massassauga, and now Lake Ontario… only one nibble.) life is going well.

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