Yesterday I took someone’s moped for spin. It’s a Tomos Bullet, pretty much brand new. He uses it to drive back and forth to work, which leaves the van for his wife, and allows them to get along with just one vehicle.

According to Ontario’s Highway Traffic Act, a moped must be less than 50cc (49.9 in this case) and only capable of less than 50km/h (48km/h in this case, although he claims it’ll do 70 down the mountain). I guess they designed it with those regulations in mind. Best of all, you only need your driver’s license, and insurance is something like $250 per year. Wow.

Ah, the elusive hunt to live with one vehicle. We’ve been trying to figure out how to do that for a while. Public transit schedules are horrible where we live, and so far everyone who works where I do and lives close by works different schedules than I do. While you can’t drive a moped in the winter, it’s good for 8-9 months of the year. As long as you can work something out during the snowy periods…

I’m very tempted to look further into this. 98% of the time I drive to work and back, which is entirely city driving. I’m very interested in everyone’s thoughts. Is this completely rational?

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