my dev2dev blog and writers block

I have another blog out there, over at BEA’s dev2dev site. This blog will be for all WebLogic and Java posts. I haven’t posted too many of those here, but hope to have a few more over there.

I’ve run into two seperate forms of writer’s block lately. The first came after I received BEA’s blessing for a blog on their site. I had all sorts of ideas for posts, but as soon as my account was setup, they all took flight and left me standing there scratching my head about what to write. The second… I had a great idea to buy a paper journal, and again had all sorts of ideas of what to use it for. I’ve written down one entry since I bought it three months ago. So I leave you with these wise words (I made them up): “Give a man a forum and his words flee from his mouth.”

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