My Thanksgiving Dinner…

…consisted of a dry egg salad sandwich, eaten at McMaster’s Emergency ward, accompanying Noah and his newly broken arm. He wiped out while roller-blading Sunday afternoon, seems he was trying to jump a speed bump and neglected to wear his wrist guards. He claims he did actually jump it, but botched the landing. The most excellent staff at Mac decided he needed surgery to put the broken bones back together, and put pins in to hold everything in place. Said surgery of course occured at 12:30am on Monday morning, so we were admitted to Sick Kids and spent what was left of the night there. His cast covers his elbow, and while his fingers are sticking out, his thumb is “in jail”. He’s going to be very frustrated with that in a few weeks. Needless to say, right now he’s a very tired, very sore little boy.

Special thanks goes out to our family, neighbours and friends who dropped everything watch the girls, continued plans to move the kids playhouse, and make us our own special thanksgiving dinner.

Say what you will about a broken medical system, wait times, etc, but the staff at Mac are awesome. They’re caring, go out of their way to help, and are very good with kids. They do their best to take care of you and make your stay more comfortable.

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