Noah’s Arm

Noah’s cast came off earlier this week, for the second time.

The first time was during his two week appointment, due to some confusion at the fracture clinic. His arm throbbed, since it wasn’t healed properly, but the upside was that the nurses could clean his arm and put on a cast that fit a bit better to his now-not-swollen arm. And the real bonus was that the new cast glowed in the dark… not just a little bit, but quite substantially. His friends were jealous.

This time the cast came off for good. And that also meant the pins holding his bones together had to come out. Poor Noah was very distraught (he’d been thinking a lot about that part for the past six weeks) and made so much noise that nurses kept poking their heads in the door to see if more help was needed. Thankfully for all involved that’s now over. He’ll have to wear a splint for a while during rough play, but other than that his arm has healed very nicely. It’s weird to see how much his muscles have disappeared from lack of use, his left bicep is noticeably smaller than his right.

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