Offsets are the plague-of-the-week in my life.

At work, we’re having trouble with messaging, seems some of the message headers are messed up, some of the bytes are offset by one. It causes all sorts of havoc like messages not going where they’re supposed to and other such grief.

At home, I realized all the octave markers on the bass bridge on my dulcimer are offset by one. Noone would notice except someone who knows how to play a dulcimer (not me) but it’ll cause grief in the future.

The fix for the first one is to dig through the 10,000 lines or so of code and figure out where we’re miscalculating the size of the message header. Yuck. The fix for the second is to build a new bridge, which thankfully is a) easy to do and b) easy to replace.

On that happy note, off I go to read some code.

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