Oracle SQL: Converting Hex to Decimal and Bit Operations

I realized the other day how much I depend on Google to help find quick answers, and how much information is actually out on the web. I also realized that I don’t contribute much, so I’m hoping to change that.

I needed to check bitmasks against an Oracle DB the other day. My bitmask was in hex (base 16 for the uninitiated), and the Oracle DB’s column was in decimal, so I first needed to convert the hex into decimal, and then do a bit AND operation.

For this example, the table is “TABLE1” and the column is “BITMASK”. Let’s say that we’re looking for all rows where bit 5 is set, which is 0x10, or decimal 16. (Yes the conversion is simple in this example, but not when you’re looking for bit 78). In that case the query looks like:


Let’s pull that apart. BITAND(val1, val2) is a function that does a bit AND between val1 and val2, similar to the “val1 & val2” operation in Java and C/C++. The TO_NUMBER() function converts the string “10” from hex to decimal. Then we look for rows where the BITAND() method returns 1, and presto, we have our bit AND operation against Oracle.

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