Popup Trailer Roof Repair Part 2

Fixing a rotten roof is an incredible amount of work. After taking the rotten parts off, the horizontal part of the roof is solid, as is the vertical side on the driver-side. The passenger side is entirely rotted out, see this picture for how bad it is.

IMG_20130384This is a picture looking at the top of the side, it’s hard to see but the inside is full of mold. Remember that’s supposed to be a solid board. I’m going to replace the side entirely. A friend scrounged up some aluminum for me, and some hardwood plywood will be the new core.

The next step was to scrape off the remaining plywood from the vinyl (is it vinyl?) roof material without puncturing it. Unfortunately I did go through it a few times, I’m not entirely sure how to fix that just yet.

IMG_20130382The pic on the right is from the inside of the trailer looking back, you can see some of the roof material and some plywood. I managed to scrape off most of the remaining plywood and glue today using a combination of a sharpened paint scraper, and a really long chisel-type tool. I’m not sure what is, but it works really well once it’s sharp.

I still need to clean off the old caulking in various places, then time to start rebuilding. August 1st is looming quickly.


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