Popup Trailer Roof Repair

After seeing some odd spots on the roof of my tent trailer, some exploratory surgery showed that the back, front and side of the roof are completely rotten. A new roof will take more than eight weeks to order, and cost aside that puts a damper on the planned East Coast trip on August. So the only option short of buying a tent is to repair it. Thanks to the wonderful people at www.popupexplorer.com I feel reasonably confident that this can be done. Further demolition showed the rot to be so bad that I’m not entirely sure how the lift mechanism was still lifting the roof, as the brackets were in completely rotten wood. Two pictures that show the extent of the damage.

This is from the inside looking at the back panel. The white is mould. This panel is so bad that I can just grab the wood and gently nudge it apart.


And this picture is of the side, looking forward. That piece that’s got the nice curve to it is supposed to be a solid piece of side that holds the roof together.


Should be fun.


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