sleeping babies, part II

A few days ago I posted about sleeping babies. The question crossed my mind later in the day, why can’t I sleep like that?

The seemingly obvious answer is that kids have no worries, their parent take care of it all. Oh, perhaps they do have some concerns, but nothing compared to work, marriage, taking care of kids, and the normal concerns every parent has. But this is somewhat misleading. Kids’ worlds are also full of stresses (stress is good, remember!), it’s just that we can’t remember what they were.

So if kids do have stress, how do they manage to sleep so well? It’s because they completely, with child-like faith, trust that Dad and Mom are taking care of everything for them. And as a parent, my Mom and Dad are not taking care of everything for me, since I’ve now grown up (in age, anyway) and now look after myself.

So how to sleep like a baby? The answer is simple, really. God takes care of everything for us. Jesus told us to have a child-like faith (the verses escape me for the moment), and also reassures us that God is looking out for us. Jesus talked about how God looks after the flowers and the sparrows… and if He sustains them, he’ll obviously take good care of us.

I guess that means we have to give our worries, stresses and concerns over to Him, and trust like a child that He will take care of us. Easier said than done, but that’s the theory.

Sleep well!

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